After we adopted our 7 months old puppy from the Cambridge Humane Society last year, we knew we required the services of an expert to help us train our very social, confident and fearless canine into a pet that was easy to manage and well behaved in the community. After reading a brochure at a vet clinic, we turned to Erin of D’Arcy’s Dog Training to help us deal with our challenges. One year and a half has now passed but we still regularly participate in various programs offered and have reaped many benefits from our association with Erin. We have participated in 2 sessions of dog training and each week learned new techniques to practice with our pet. Erin was patient and understanding with us as we tried our best to achieve the skills taught each week. She was great at troubleshooting and always offered us interesting and sensible suggestions to try if things weren’t working out properly. Each training lesson also included information about car safety, feeding our dog properly, tricks to perform or general answers to specific questions that people had about their dogs. Not only did we meet other dog owners to be acquaintances with, but we became familiar with their dogs on a first name basis. Each week was a highlight of the week for our pet as she knew exactly where we were going as we approached the building and each week would cry with a joyous anticipation in the back of the seat of the car. Erin forwards us via email the lesions learned which I found very helpful since it was not always easy for me to be attentive listener when I was attending to the needs of my dog at the same time. Agility class was another class that we enjoyed with Erin as our dogs skills for obedience improved. Trying all of the agility activates each week was great fun and exercise for Nicole, our dog, who surprised us tremendously with her score during the finale timed event. Agility class is perfect for the confident, competitive dog who enjoys involvement in new things. However, the most enjoyable times for me and for Nicole have been the socialization classes on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Dogs of varying sizes and personality come together to learn how to socialize with each other through play. It has helped me understand what dog play actually is and when noises and actions are actually just play and not fighting as I previously thought. The energy levels are often quite high at socialization where dogs enjoy having best friends and playmates just as humans do. I have seen shy, frightened dogs develop into friendly players over the course of weeks and from the guidance of Erin. As well, I have seen confident, active dogs develop more socially appropriate skills to make it easier for their owners. Most importantly, it gives our dog a chance for off leash play time in a safe environment with friendly dogs and responsible owners. By the end of a 45 minute session, every dog is tired our and ready for a big snooze. Play is very responsible way to let our dogs be dogs and enjoy life to the fullest! Groups vary each week as new participants join in and other leave when their needs have been met. Erin is extremely interested in the wellbeing of all dogs she encounters. She gets to know them personally and it is apparent that the dogs see her as a special person too. She makes positive changes happen with them and I have seen it firsthand and am so very impressed. Dogs respond when she talks and gestures with them. As my family continues to learn to be the best pet owners we can be, I am grateful for the helpful advice and programs offered by Erin and D’Arcy’s Dog Services.

Wendy Imrie

It is my pleasure to recommend such a wonderful individual. Erin derives satisfaction from helping clients. Her ability to communicate is exceptional. She is always professional, courteous and quick to help. Our clients feel comfortable talking with her as she is understanding and thoughtful. In good times she is expressive and makes people laugh. In times of conflict, she is calm and rational. Erin often helps with the elderly or physically challenged, always expressing kindness and compassion. All the children love her, as she is creative and articulate. Erin is well known around the school and everyone is happy to see her! What I notice most about Erin is how responsible she is. I can always rely on her to be on time and ready for work. She is always there when I need her. Overall, Erin is confident, energetic, and committed. She is respectful of others and the world around her. Erin has great interpersonal skills and has increased my clientele. She is a team player who is always willing to share her knowledge with others. She is hard worker and a great problem solver. Erin has the ability to lead, and exhibits great discipline. She sets goals, and achieves them with dignity. Erin is someone you can trust and rely on and she never seems to run out of energy! I have nothing but good things to say about Erin and I'd strongly recommend her!

Sincerely, , Kimberly Davison CTB.ccs , Owner On The Ball Dog Training and Behaviour Therapy

 We wanted to give our Doberman puppy Chase the best start possible to ensure that we would have a friendly, loving and obedient pet that our family and friends would enjoy as much as we do. Enrolling him in Erin D'Arcy's training class gave us the tools we needed for a great beginning. With professionalism and knowledge, Erin showed us how to teach Chase the basics using positive reinforcement and she always takes the time to help us with any other problems or concerns we have. Her classes are also a great opportunity for socialization. Chase gets to meet and play with dogs of many different sizes and breeds. We are confident that when we meet other dogs Chase will approach them in a friendly and playful manner. Erin is a genuine animal lover and it is clear to see in every class that she truly cares for our dog and wants the best for him - and Chase loves her too!,

Danny and Margaret Freitas

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Erin can help with so many different situations. She can assist with mid day exercising of your pet or cover fully if you are away. She has helped me with the care of my youngest dog when she had injured her leg. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else. Trustworthy, reliable and compassionate are words that come to mind when I think of Erin. My Pets love her. ,  

Kim Rank


I have had the pleasure of knowing Erin for two years and in that time she has played a significant role in keeping my dogs Hannah and Horst healthy and happy. Erin is both conscientious and compassionate. She is very knowledgeable, gentle and extremely proactive in her care are treated as her own. One of Erin’s greatest attributes is her patience with older animals. Erin is the first person I think of when I need someone to care for my pets.


Erin is reliable and she provided me with peace of mind for my dogs exceeding my expectations when it came to their care.


I wholeheartedly recommend Erin to anyone requiring care for their pet.


Thank you Erin for helping all of us!


Yours truly,


Sally Fernbach

Cambridge, Ontario

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