When I got my golden retriever puppy I did a lot of research to checkout where it was best to take him for puppy training. Overall, I found D'Arcy's Dog Training and Pet Services to be the best. I'm so glad I took my 5 month old puppy there. Erin was great at teaching us how to train our puppies and was fantastic with the dogs. Her german shepherd, Irish was her training dog for demonstration. Irish was great with all the puppies. My golden retriever, Quincy, finished level one and level two of the puppy classes. Because both my husband and I work we inquired about having Erin walk Quincy with her dogs and others during the week to break up his day. Quincy is now 7 1/2 years old and has been walking with Erin for 7 years. Even though I have not been working for the last three years, Quincy continues to go for walks with Erin, Irish and Shamrock one day a week and boy does he look forward to that. He gets so excited to see Erin and the other dogs. I couldn't stop him from completely going with his friends even though I was home, it would break his heart. Erin helped us through food aggression when Quincy was little. I had the opportunity to go with my neighbour to one of Erin's classes recently and observe how the neighbour's small dog interacted with some of the bigger pups and Shamrock. The bigger pups got a bit rough with the little puppy so Erin separated them and let Shamrock play with the little pup and Shamrock was so good with him, laying down to play, so gentle. I can not say enough about Erin and if my Quincy could talk he would tell you how much he loves her and all the fun he has with her and her dogs. Erin is the only person I will let walk my dog, I trust her completely. She would never put your dog in harm's way. I have no worries when he's with her. So in conclusion, all I can say, is do yourself and your puppy a favour and go see Erin at D'Arcy's Dog Training and Pet Services.

Sharron Pestowka 

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Large Dog Training

We brought our rescue pup Lucy to meet Erin for an initial obedience and socialization assessment. Lucy took to Erin and her dog Shamrock right away, and we continued to bring her for two levels of training.

During both levels, class sizes were small and everyone had an opportunity for one on one instruction. Erin's calm, positive approach is exactly what we were looking for for our big girl. Lucy was able to interact with dogs of various sizes and temperaments, from small, shy dogs to Shamrock's energetic vocal personality. This was a positive experience for Lucy, and helped her learn to read social cues and respond appropriately. Lucy and Shamrock have enjoyed spending time together ever since.
While the indoor socialization was not a good fit for Lucy (it is important to know what works for your dog) Erin offered group walks as an alternative. These quickly became something we looked forward to every week. During these outings Shamrock's example helped us with Lucy's recall training, and her interaction with the other dogs was always positive and energetic.

Erin's love of dogs and her commitment to their well-being is obvious. Her attention and instruction has helped Lucy become a calm, confident, well-mannered member of our family.

Thank you Erin.

Carrie Card

We have attended Level 1, Level 2 puppy class, and socialization class with Erin. Erin is very kind, compassionate, responsible, caring, and really understands the Canines. Darcy's Dog training is excellent value for the fee. Erin helped us immensely with socializing our slightly timid GSD. Erin's dog Shamrock gave our dog a lot of confidence. He is able to go anywhere, with any dog and is extremely well adjusted. Erin really spoke about the importance of early socialization which doesn't mean just taking your dog out for walk. She is a constant connection for our dog, and we highly recommend her. She also does great things in the community with some elders. Can't say enough good things. We are looking forward to going into the next level of training with Erin.

Leah Black

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Little Dog Training

We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Erin for the past 13 years or so. Her passion and love of dogs is inspiring and contagious. She has been invaluable in helping us with our Shelties, Brody and Quinn, and our most recent Sheltie project, Mackenzie. The vast array of services, from puppy socialization, to obedience and agility classes to dog sitting when we went to our son's destination wedding, is impressive. Her knowledge and guidance has been extremely valuable, she is always there when needed. I would highly recommend Erin for any dog related needs.

Doug & Sharon McCallum



Last year we took our newly rescued dog to Erin for a private lesson, to first have him assessed and address behaviour issues. I highly recommend this, if you have a rescue dog! Erin assessed him and gave us tips on his specific issues. We then enrolled our dog in grade 2 to continue to work on training. Classes were less formal than another facility we have attended in the past(McCann's), but we honestly did not learn less. We actually got more attention with the small class, and it was a good value for the money.

We continue to attend weekly socialization classes to give our dog healthy social interactions with a variety of dogs. This continues to be a great experience. Erin divides the small and large dogs at the beginning of every class and slowly integrates the groups, as long as the puppies are ready. She is attentive to dog body language and will tell us to 'leash up' our dogs if she perceives any concerning behaviours.

Energy is ALWAYS high at the beginning of a class, but that is normal excitement by the dogs. It is a great way for owners to learn about dog interactions and understand what are normal behaviours.

Our dog is part German Shepherd and is very vocal when he initiates play with another dog. Dog owners that were not familiar with that, learnt that he was just an enthusiastic dog saying, "play with me!". A learning experience for owners, as well as dogs! Erin also always brings her own dog, Shamrock, who is very well trained and always good with all the dogs.

If you have a dog that has had a previous negative experience with another dog, it is imperative that you notify Erin ahead of time, or at the beginning of a class. It is a very hectic time upon entry, and you should not expect her to interview you!

Over the past months, I have watched Erin work with owners of an abused rescue dog that was fearful of people and dogs. She coached us in Socialization Class on how to behave around this dog, and now this dog will play with our dog and is more comfortable with people. Truly an amazing transformation, thanks to her knowledge and patience.

The facility is not fancy, but my dog has not complained yet! ;)


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