Erin D’Arcy has played an important role in the ongoing development of my relationship with my dog.  Her puppy classes provided me with a foundation of skills and techniques that I could use to make my dog a happy, healthy, and engaged learner.

Her socialization classes continued to build upon that foundation; teaching him manners and proper behavior during play with other dogs and people.

I have continued to rely on Erin outside of the many classes she offers. Erin also provides dog walking services.  With a young daughter at home, I can’t always get my dog out for the long runs he would like. It’s great to know I can always rely on Erin no matter what the weather.

Erin is always more than happy to offer advice or assistance when needed. She gives constructive feedback on the conduct of my dog with other people and animals and provides me with ideas to use to alter certain behaviors. Erin has even attempted swimming lessons for my dog in our backyard pool to ease his fear of swimming in deep water!

Most importantly, Erin is genuine. I see how happy she is when she is with her dog Irish, Shamrock or with other dogs. She is truly doing what she loves and the dogs love her for it.

I am thankful that Erin D’Arcy is a part of my dog’s life.

Erin Pagan

Dog Walking Outside

Little dog Already owning 2 miniature dachshunds that had not had training due to work schedules, when I got Bacardi, I knew I wanted to put her in training since my schedule finally allowed me the time.

Anyone who owns or has been around miniature dachshunds knows they are a stubborn, hard to train breed!  Bacardi joined Darcy’s Dog Training for puppy class when she was just 9 weeks old and after seeing how well she picked up on things, I decided I would be keeping her in training and now we are in level 2!  Erin is an amazing trainer who has such patience with the dogs and owners like me who are paranoid of their dog getting hurt.

Bacardi has had a few issues with being afraid of big dogs and Erin has really helped her to become more confident with herself and I couldn’t be happier.

I can’t say how happy I am with the way Erin shows each technique using one of the dogs from class so that everyone can see how it’s done, and then coaches if you are having issues doing it so that both you and your dog are doing it right.  I appreciate how Erin not only works on training my dog, but on training me at the same time so that Bacardi and I have a closer bond.

Erin’s patience, understanding and exceptional talent to connect with dogs continue to amaze me and I can’t imagine taking Bacardi to anyone else!

The Smiths

I have been a client of Erin Darcy's for over one year. Erin has proved in that time, to be an exceptionally devoted businesswoman and humanitarian, both to her four legged friends and their owners! Erin loves what she does and it shows. As a RN, working 12 hr. shifts in a rotating schedule where no two weeks are alike...Erin is reliable, flexible, dependable and dedicated. My little Boston Terrier Sawyer loves when she comes to walk him while I'm at work. When I return home Sawyer is calm and I can tell he has been cared for and well exercised.

With Erin, I have a peace of mind that is invaluable. I highly recommend Erin Darcy as a highly skilled animal trainer and advocate, for all the wonderful professional services she offers her clientele.

Barbara Cove


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Large dog

I am delighted to recommend Erin D'Arcy with her gentle and confident approach in handling dogs. She is knowledgeable and understands their needs. She has a friendly, approachable manner and accommodates however she can to meet people's schedules as well. With great enthusiasm, my dog Reuben anticipates his walks with her and his buddies that she brings. It is an accomplishment and quite the sight to see her walking multiple dogs who are engaged, tails wagging, tongues hanging in happy faces! It is a testament to her ability to relate so positively with such a variety of dogs and personalities.

Marg Reimer



Erin was referred to us by a good friend who has been using her dog walking services for years. Erin has been walking our 2 puppies since they were 9 weeks old. They are now a year and half old and are well adjusted and are very social with people and other dogs. This is certainly due to Erin's approach to dog training and obvious love for the animals. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Erin's services to family and friends, whether it be dog walking, social classes or training.


The McNulty's

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