Dog Training Registration FORM

Our Training Methods ”Positive” and “Touch-Free” describe our training methods. Training should be easy, friendly and fun - toys, treats, lures and rewards will accomplish this, as well as motivate your dog. Our techniques create smarter dogs through mental stimulation and create a bond of mutual trust and respect.

 All of our training classes focus on real life situations teaching your dog to be stable and reliable. Our classes are kept small to ensure personal service. An open-discussion session will follow each class to address any questions or problems you may have, and you are welcome to call whenever you need us. Our classes promise to be fun for both you and your dog, so come and join us!

What makes sets us apart from other dog trainers?

  • Very Affordable, competitive prices.
  • Longer Courses to ensure you & your dog get the time you need. We put in the time & effort with our clients.
  • Training focuses on real life applications teaching your dog to be sociable, obedient and reliable in every situation they may encounter. We help you train your dog to ensure you can take your dog everywhere you go.
  • We train and certify therapy dogs -
  • Our classes are kept small to ensure personal service.

The Best Care For Your Best Friend
Our Training is Proven and Positive


Reasons to train your dog:

  1. Your dog will have a chance to become socialized. During training dogs get the opportunity to interact with other dogs on a regular basis. They meet dogs of all sizes and breeds. They also meet a variety of people.
  2. It is natural dog behavior to jump up at people when greeting them. The sit command gives your dog an acceptable greeting behavior.
  3. The stay command gives you better control over your pet and it could save your dogs life in certain situations.
  4. The recall gives you the same benefits as the stay command. Control and safety.
  5. Walking on a loose leash makes for enjoyable walks. The best time to teach this is when your dog is young. However, it is never too late to remedy this problem.

Note to clients:  Proof of vaccinations must be presented to attend. Along with a flat collar, six-foot leash and training treats. Gentle leaders, Halti headcollars, Martingale collars and harness are welcome. Please send payment two weeks prior start of training class to hold your spot in the course. There will be no refund one week before class starts. We accept cash or E transfers. Thank you!


Therapeutic Paws of Canada , , Therapeutic Paws of Canada is a non-profit organization of volunteers providing animal resources for human needs (physical, mental, educational, motivational, socialization) through regular visits to hospitals, residences, schools, etc.

Dog Training Cambridge NEW Level One Puppy Program:

Obedience Training

Level One for Puppies (For dogs under 23 weeks of age)

6 week program - $200.00

7 dogs per obedience training class


Come visit us at the school to view our school and to learn more about us! (Please phone to make an appointment). You are welcome to sit in on a class. 

Our Puppy classes combine obedience training, socialization, concentration, problem solving, and prevention. Our classes will help form your puppy's personality, to make them a well behaved and well socialized dog. ,


We include:

  1. Off leash play time for the purpose of socialization
  2. Sound desensitization
  3. A reliable recall even when distracted. Your dog will learn to come every time you call them on the first command
  4. Focusing on you when distracted
  5. Settle down on commandA well trained dog
  6. Greeting people without jumping up
  7. Leave it and take it
  8. Drop it
  9. Handling exercises
  10. Soft mouth training
  11. Food, toy and bone guarding prevention
  12. Sit, down, and stand
  13. Sit, down, stand, and stay
  14. Basic heeling (walking on a loose leash)
  15. Problem solving and prevention
  16. Voice cues and hand signals
  17. Temperament molding
  18. Aggression prevention
  19. Manners
  20. Information about Nutrition and Grooming.
  21. Taking treats gently
  22. Step and sit
  23. Class time includes a question and discussion period.
  24. Time  after each class for questions or concerns
  25. Written instructions on your homework each week and information about how dogs learn, why they do what they do and how do dogs think.
  26. Phone support. You can call us at anytime during the week.
  27. Lifetime support for you and your dog.
  28. Socialization to wheel chairs, walkers, canes, crutches, skateboards, mailman’s outfit. To help create a very confident well-mannered dog you can take anywhere.
  29. Housebreaking
  30. Reading your dog’s body language and how to properly greet dogs on leash

Puppy Class Extra Session $30.00 for dogs under  23 weeks of age

One additional session outside, working on loose leash walking, coming when called and how to greet a dog on a leash.  You must be part of our puppy program in order to join.


Socialization Classes

Introductory assessment session (first time integration) is $15 after that, it is only $10.00/per class


Socialization and communication are the building blocks necessary for your dog to get along with its own kind. 

We split the room into two groups.  

- One is for puppies, small and timid dogs.

- The other is for large, confident, & very social dogs.

In each class, dogs will learn how to socialize and interact with other dogs, enjoy playing off leash with dogs and release energy. You will come out of class with a tired and happy dog. Your dog will have made a few new friends! Dogs that like other dogs & people are less likely to bite and become aggressive. Socialization & Prevention is the key! Come out & socialize your dog today! Our classes are supervised by a professional dog trainer & behaviourist. Come & join the fun!

Requirements To Attend: Pre-registration is required to attend any program. Play groups are limited in size so book early to avoid disappointment. Pre-registration can be done in person, over the phone (519)-721-7387, or email us ( or online registration for first time attendees. Please arrive on time.

 First Time Clients:  Proof of vaccinations must be presented to attend. New dogs will be integrated based on previous experience with group play and the group the dog is entering. Some dogs are entered into group immediately while others may have to attend a number of sessions before integrated.
No aggressive dogs permitted.  If you are having, issues with your dog please contact us and we will be glad to help you! 


Level One for Adults

6 Week Program - $200.00 (7 dogs max. per class) 


Our goals for this class are the same as the above puppy class. However, our approach is different. Instead of molding and shaping your dog's personality, we will influence the personality your dog already has. Working on individual issues your dog may have.

Level Two

6 Week Program -$200.00 (4 dogs max. per class)


Includes: Heeling, different speed changes and a Figure 8. The recall and finish. Distance stays, One-minute sit stay, Three minute down stay. , , To walk nicely on a loose leash around the parks of Cambridge. Teaching your dog how to maintain attention on their owner in high activity settings. Teaching your dog to ignore other dogs and people. What to do when you come across a dog on your walk.

Level Three

8 Week Program - $230.00  (4 dogs max. per class)


Includes: Off leash heeling, Off leash figure 8, Stand for examination, Drop on recall, Three minute out of sight sit stay, Five minute out of sight down stay.

Therapy Prep Class

4 Week Program - $140.00 (7 dogs max. per class)


Are you interested in making your dog a certified therapy dog? Are you planning to take your dog into a nursing home, hospital, school or library?  Therapy dogs can affect many peoples lives and help make a difference. Whether you are interested in visiting seniors at a nursing home, visiting the sick at a hospital or having your dog visit children this course can help you. We will help prepare you for the test you and your dog will have to pass in order to become certified.

Agility/Trick Classes

6 Week Program - $200.00 (5 dogs max. per class)


Agility Training Come and join the fun! You and your dog will enjoy learning how to jump over jumps, run through tunnels, go over ramps, and learn new tricks together while fine-tuning their obedience commands. Your dog will love entertaining your family and friends with their new tricks. This is a great activity to do with the whole family! This course really helps your dog raise its confidence. You will come home from this course and your dog will be tired.

Agility Games Classes

6 Week Program - $200.00 (5 dogs max. per class)


In a fun, energizing, upbeat class your dog will develop, strong agility skills while playing games and having fun! This course will help build your dogs confidence.

Canine Freestyle

4 week Program - $140.00 (5 dogs max. per class)


There is no better trained dog than a freestyle dog! Using a combination of training cues and tricks, your dog will learn how to put on a performance for your friends and family. This course combines obedience and tricks.

Just Some Of D'Arcy's Grads

Private Dog Training

Need some extra attention?, Private training $40.00 at Training Centre and $50.00 at your home. , Additional fee applies outside of Cambridge, depending on distance.

Behaviour Consultations

Are you having problems with your dog; digging, chewing, jumping up, pulling on leash? Does your dog suffer with anxiety when you leave home? We can help!

$85.00 for an hour and $100.00 to an hour and a half.

Includes follow up by phone/email.

You may wonder what is the purpose of a behaviour consultation? Many problems that exist between dog and owner can be solved by a consultation. I will come into your home for one hour and show you how to correct the undesirable behaviour. I will leave you with written instructions that if followed, are highly successful. With the problem solved you will have a better behaved dog. Less stress for everyone, and as a result a calmer home.

Dogs and Kids , Puppies and kids are a match made in heaven. However, they should never be left alone together. Children need to be taught to behave around a puppy and the pup must learn how to act around children.

Socialization, Why should you socialize your dog? Dogs are social animals and love to be with people and other dogs. A dog that is used to different situations, has manners, obedience and will be a dog that people love to be with. By sixteen weeks of age, a dog's brain stops growing so it is very important to introduce your dog to the world as soon as possible.

Bite Inhibition, Teaching your dog bite inhibition is the most important thing of all. As a dog owner, this is your number one responsibility. All dogs are potential biters and all have to be trained to never bite people.

Digging , Dogs need to dig. However, let's teach them where to dig. Make it possible to leave your dog alone in your yard without destroying it.

Chewing, A dog who chews can cause a lot of trouble for its owner. Chew toys can be the answer to your problem if you use them properly.

Barking, Dogs and barking go together. However, too much barking is not acceptable behavior. Learn how to teach your dog to bark on command and to be quiet on command.

Jumping, Jumping up is a greeting behavior. It is the way dogs say hello. However, people do not enjoy this behavior. Teach your dog to do a more acceptable greeting behavior.

Housebreaking, This is a very common behavior problem. Teach your pet to tell you that it has to go to the washroom. Teach it to go in the same place every time. This will make clean up a lot easier.

Separation Distress, Dogs are pack animals and are not meant to be separated from their pack. Teach your dog to enjoy spending time alone. Have someone come in during the day to break up the day for your dog. It is not fair to expect your pet to be alone all day. Having someone come in and walk them will release energy and stress from your dog.

Proven & Positive Results!