Puppy Play Dates

Your professional dog walker will come relieve your new puppy and help break up the day.

When puppies are young they have small bladders and it is very hard for them to hold it all day. For the first few months of your pups life we can come in and let them go outside.

We can set up a play date with other dogs to help socialize them. The first few months are a very critical time in their life. They must meet as many dogs as possible to ensure a very, social, happy, confident dog when they become adult. There are too many adult dogs that are afraid of other dogs, due to lack of socialization.

We can come socialize and exercise your new puppy with a puppy play date. When dogs are young, they have tons of energy. Walking and puppy play dates both help relieve that excess energy all puppies have.

Get your puppy on the right path right away with Puppy Play Dates!


(For dogs under five months of age)

Fee: $18.00

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