Private Dog Walking

One of our Professional Dog Walkers will come to your home and take your best friend for a half hour walk.

We will also feed, give fresh water, and lots of tender, loving care to your dog. 

- If your dog is stressed when you are away, walks will help relieve this stress and break up the day for your pet.·
- Dogs need exercise not only for the physical aspects but also to relieve stress, pent-up energy, and frustration. This will help prevent behaviour problems such as barking, chewing, digging, and jumping up.
- Dog walking outings give opportunity for mental stimulation with other dogs and people.
- A well - exercised dog is one that is healthier, thinner, longer living and may need fewer visits to the vet.
- Great service for a puppies, older dogs, and dogs that are home alone all day.

If you are elderly or have a disability and cannot walk your own dog this is a way for you to be able to still own a dog and make sure it gets the walking and exercise it needs.

We walk dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.
Providing The Best Care For Your Best Friend!

Fee: $18.00
Free in-home consultation